The answer always depends a little bit. Nothing is “good” for everyone in every circumstance! That said, most athletes are looking to support their joints, range of motion, and cultivate a state of mental calm or clarity. Many athletes experience performance anxiety, and the breathing and meditative practices often taught during Yin Yoga classes can also support managing these concerns. 

Additionally, athletes recovering from injuries find that it is easy to “practice around” any parts of the body that are in recovery and focus on one side at a time, eliminate a limb, or work thoughtfully around the spine. Yin Yoga is much more customizable and can support the rehabilitation phase.

It is important to note that unless an athlete is working with a Certified Yoga Therapist (or another licensed healthcare provider), that it is not appropriate for the teacher to direct them in diagnosing or treating an injury, but it is appropriate for the teacher to support adapting around the injury. 

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