Kari Kwinn sits in a yin yoga pose using a chair and ponders the goal of yoga

The Goal of Yoga

I believe that “the goal” of a yoga teacher is not to offer transformation, acceptance, or a transcendent experience. The goal of YOGA TEACHERS as a collective, is to bring people back to the mat. To meet them where they are and provide a space where they can meet, acknowledge, love, slay (or whatever) their own darlings and demons. There is NOTHING WRONG with crossfit-meets-yoga. Maybe it isn’t your yoga today, but to someone else, it is letting in a sliver of light – it is providing a space on a mat for someone who needs that kind of yoga right now, today. If the teacher is popular, great. She is meeting students where they are. And if they later choose a different class because her class no longer serves them, than better for all of us to have open arms and say YES. WELCOME to my class. Here is what I have to offer you today. I’m glad you have returned to the mat.

Right now, a particular quote – a particular teaching – resonates with you. Perhaps in the crossfit class, someone else had a transcendent realization. 

Who is to say which yoga is right? 

It is an important lesson for us as teachers to embrace ALL teachers, styles, formats so that we as a collective can support one another and shine and share our light (and our shadow and darkness, as needed). 

I often joke that I received two invitations on the same day – one to a beautiful prenatal yoga teacher training, with hands on bellies and peaceful music, and one for Booty Yoga – which was basically strip dancing on yoga mats in some poses that I could almost recognize as yoga poses. I don’t think that’s safe – at all! I’m personally concerned about their poor bodies the same way I’m personally concerned about other peoples’ questionable moles – but neither has anything to do with me. I used to make fun of this style of yoga, until I met a few students who told me that was how they found yoga – someone told them it would make their butts look better. Maybe it did? But they also got injured, learned lessons, wrangled demons, and found a different style of yoga.

I’m trying – gently – to offer you something that I have seen in myself – a judgement of someone else calling themselves a yoga teacher doing something I’m categorically opposed to. Someone whose ego is showing, who is maybe a bit rajasic. Someone who highlights in me my own questions of worth – am I a worthy yoga teacher? 

What I am saying is yes – I am a worthy yoga teacher. And so are you. And so is she. Even if you don’t like it. Even if I don’t like it.

When someone says to me, “That’s not yoga!” I think of my dad shouting, “That’s not music!”

Because it isn’t, to you.

But it is to someone.

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