Some teachers convey information – I shift perspectives and guide you a new way of seeing yourself & the world. 

Yin is one way I do this.”

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I am more than the letters and numbers and credentials I have earned, but I also understand that they may be meaningful for you as you decide with whom to study. In every opportunity, I strive to earn the seat of the teacher.

My six guiding principles are:
1. There is more than one right way to do everything.
2. Our bodies do what we teach them to do.
3. Yoga is more than the poses.
4. Your body isn’t wrong.
5. The thing you’re afraid of will keep showing up until you face it.
6. If you seek to teach, life will hand you a lesson.

Want to read more? Download my Yin-tips, and experience for yourself how I offer ideas and provide opportunities for deeper inquiry.

Please help yourself to my profile on either the Yoga Alliance or LinkedIn to see my education & training.

Resonate with what you’re reading, but Yin isn’t really your thing? I understand. You can learn more about my basic, advanced, and prenatal trainings as well as dive into the world of my non-Yin writing here.

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Yin Yoga Instructor

Kari Kwinn

Deepest gratitude to Däg Larson, the photographer behind the lens and vision of this work. You can see his efforts as a commercial photographer for major brands like Airstream and Smartwool, and follow him on instagram . Should you desire to hire him and his first assist Nukka (pictured below), inquire here.

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