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Upcoming Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

Yin yoga teacher trainings for yoga teachers at every level. 
Not everyone takes the same path. For this reason, my 50 hour comprehensive Yin Yoga teacher training can be taken in segments as it fits your learning style, pace, schedule, and budget. 

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A self-paced course with everything you need to sequence Yin yoga.

two teachers face one another in yin yoga poses

A six-module self-paced course to expand your Yin yoga teaching toolbox.

In Person Yin Yoga
Teacher Trainings:

Level I
August 25, 2024
Denver, CO
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Level II
September 14 & 15, 2024
Summit County, CO
with Meta Yoga
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October 5 & 6, 2024
Denver, CO
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Online Yin Yoga
Teacher Trainings

Beyond the Basics

Begins September 9th, 2024
6:00pm MT – 90 minutes
6 sessions, every-other Monday

9.09, 9.23, 10.07, 10.21, 11.04, 11.18

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Which level yin yoga training is right for you?

Many Yin Yoga teacher trainings are taught in week-long immersions. However, this does not always fit your learning style or budget.

For this reason, I offer three levels, which are each entry points into higher level training.

Newer yoga teachers, or those interested in the basics are encouraged to enroll in Level 1.

If you are experienced at teaching Yin, but never took a dedicated yin yoga teacher training, start with Level II.
Trained by someone else, or have dedicated yourself to self study and teaching? Join me for my advanced level yin yoga teacher training with Level III. 

Find the prerequisites, objectives, and outcomes from each level of my yin yoga teacher trainings:

Level 1

  • Successful completion of a YA accredited 200 hour YTT program. 
  • Review of The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark (required text). 
  • No experience teaching Yin is required, although we recommend taking a few Yin Yoga classes prior to enrolling.
  • Module 1: What is Yin? The History & Lineage of Yin Yoga
  • Module 2: Western Anatomical Concepts, Applied to Yin
  • Practice 1: Supported Yin Yoga Practice – Introducing Sandbags
  • Module 3: Eastern Anatomical Concepts, Applied to Yin (the “dot” activity)
  • Practice 2: TCM Inspired Yin Yoga Practice – Assisting and Propping Practicum
  • Module 4: Introduction to Sequencing, Common Questions and Adaptations
  • Module 5: Drafting Your Yin Yoga Elevator Speech, Additional Resources & Next Steps
  • Students will understand the benefits of Yin Yoga from both Eastern and Western perspectives, and how to describe those benefits to interested students
  • Basic understanding of the meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine and how Yin Yoga utilizes these concepts
  • Basic understanding of Western physiological concepts and how these apply to Yin Yoga
  • How to use blankets, blocks, bolsers, straps, and sandbags to support the practice
  • How to sequence a basic Yin Yoga class
  • How to adjust the practice of Yin Yoga for certain populations 
  • Earn 8 CEUs for the Yoga Alliance

​Learn To teach Yin

Level 2

  • Successful completion of a YA accredited 200 hour YTT program
  • Review of The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark (required text)
  • Completion of Learn to Teach Yin Level 1 OR significant experience teaching Yin
  • Module 1: Yin Yoga for the Upper Body
  • Practice 1: Supported Yin Yoga Practice – Introducing Upper Body Poses
  • Module 2: Eastern Anatomical Concepts, Learning the Meridians and Pressure Points
  • Module 3: Yin Yoga – Introducing the Wall
    Practice 2: Supported Yin Yoga Practice – Assisting at the Wall
  • Module 4:  Understanding Connective Tissue – The Fascia Multimedia Experience
  • Practice 3: TCM Inspired Yin Yoga Practice – Assisting the Meridians
  • Module 5: Intelligent Sequencing Techniques for Yin (and more)
  • Practice 4: Supported Yin Yoga Practice –  Applied Sequencing
  • Module 6: Making Your Class YOURS – The Freedom to be YOU
  • A toolbox of upper body Yin Yoga poses
  • How to use the wall, with or without other props (great if you teach at a gym!)
  • A deep understanding of western anatomical concepts including  fascia, fascial lines, and anatomical variations.
  • A basic understanding of the meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine and how Yin Yoga utilizes these energy lines and pressure points
  • How to plan, sequence, and adapt thoughtful Yin Yoga classes
  • Earn 14 CEUs for the Yoga Alliance



  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Sequencing starts with poses
  • Module 3: Building out the back side of the card
  • Module 4:  Putting it all together
  • BONUSES: Yin & Pregnancy, Choosing & using chairs, Top 10 Yin Tips, Tips for teaching Yin online

​Learn To teach Yin

Level 3

  • Successful completion of a YA accredited 200 hour YTT program
  • Review of The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark (required text)
  • Completion of Learn to Teach Yin Level 2 OR similar 20+ hour dedicated Yin training (or consent of the instructor)

  • Module 1: Energetic principles of TCM. You’ll get more familiar with the Five Element Theory, which will be explored through the five practices of this training.
  • Practice 1: Liver/Gallbladder meridian practice & discussion.
  • Module 2: How to adapt Yin practice & poses for chair yoga.
  • Practice 2: Kidney/Urinary Bladder meridian practice & discussion.

  • Module 3: Advanced sequencing. Building upon the methodology of Level II, and in reverence to our monkey lineage, we will explore how to create and adapt poses for specific bodies and needs.
  • Practice 3: Spleen/Stomach meridian practice & discussion.

  • Module 4: Explore “the edge” and what that means as a teacher: boundaries they relate to time, energy, and compensation.
  • Practice 4: Heart/Small intestine meridian practice & discussion.

  • Module 5: Review the collaborative model inspired by Yin & Yang instead of the oppositional model. We will apply this over and over.

  • Practice 5: Lung/Large Intestine meridian practice & discussion.

  • Module 6: Yin principles and paradoxes by applied to business, teaching, and life.

  • A cohesive understanding of the theories and principles of TCM How to use a chair to support students and postures.
  • How to best adapt practices for individuals and groups with specific needs. A better understanding of what is supporting their individual growth as teachers, and what is holding them back.
  • How to identify and articulate their specific teaching style as it relates to Yin and other forms of yoga. A robust toolbox of techniques for asserting professional boundaries with studios, managers, mentors, and students.

Not sure this training is right for you? I want you to be sure.

I’ve already been teaching Yin Yoga – will I learn anything in this training?
Gosh, I hope so. I learn something every time I take a training. If you’re already well-versed in Yin Yoga, I invite you to my Level 2 training. It’s actually designed to add depth to those who are already teaching Yin (and answer a few questions you may never have thought of).

Am I going to learn more from your training(s) than from the book? It doesn’t seem that complicated.
You’re very right – Yin yoga isn’t that complicated, but you might still benefit from a yin yoga teacher training, especially if your basic level of training was from a different tradition. You will learn new approaches to anatomy, from both the Eastern and Western perspectives, strategic ways to use props, and what a correctly instructed Yin practice actually feels like in your body.

I’m already a trained Restorative Yoga teacher. Isn’t Yin pretty much the same?
It might look similar on the outside, but I believe that Yin and Restorative are fundamentally different, based on the intention of the practice. I have several experienced Restorative teachers who have taken my Yin trainings who agree – it’s a completely different ball game! If you’d like the longer form answer, please watch my interview about the differences between Yin and Restorative with renowned Restorative Yoga teacher Tracey Garcia.


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