Sara E

If there were a queen of yin poses, it would be Butterfly. Such an excellent pose to squeeze between others as a transition, or a home base in a practice where you are introducing something novel. Some will prefer support beneath the knees, but it is often possible to locate an appropriate edge by moving the feet closer to or further from the body, reclining backwards or forwards, or even taking the pose on the belly.

This quintessentially Yin pose supports all three of the lower body yin meridians – Liver, Kidney, Spleen, and fits so nicely as a transitional pose that you’re likely to include it in more classes than not.

For those with hip and knee injuries, it can be adapted for one side only. For those in a chair, it can be performed either with feet up on the chair, on the floor, or with the feet resting on top of props on the floor.

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Sara G demonstrates yin yoga pose square