Straddle pose is an easy addition to almost any Yin yoga class, as it can be a lovely stretch for the adductor muscles, groin, and ankles, and is approachable by most people without props. Because it is symmetrical, and can be combined with a forward fold or a reclined shape, it’s quite adaptable in a sequence. It’s a lovely pre-savasana pose, as the transition from straddle to a reclined corpse pose is uncomplicated. 

For people with recent hip replacement, it is not a recommended pose until they are cleared by their medical professional.

Straddle is a wonderful shape for legs up the wall. If space is tight, have students alternate – student A takes legs up the wall, student B faces into the room and takes caterpillar, child’s pose, or squat to make the best use of the resources in the space.



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Sara G demonstrates yin yoga pose square