Twisted Roots


Twisted roots is a wonderful way to start or end class, or a great Yin pose to try first thing upon waking, as it often requires no support. Ending a class with twisted roots allows a student to simply flop into savasana, without resetting props or sitting upright.

Some students experience a sense of tension or stretching across the hip, shoulder, or neck, while others experience a release in the spine. Students who experience stinging, burning, stabbing, or other troublesome sensations will benefit by backing out of the shape, and may take starfish or a supported side-lying shape instead. If the student experiences dizziness while being reclined, they may sit upright and change the orientation to gravity while still feeling some sensation in the back, shoulder, and hip.

Some students prefer to add support beneath the knee or behind the back to limit the twisting. Pregnant students may prefer to roll onto the side and simply allow one leg to rest on a soft, supportive prop.

[image text] In yin, the teacher is more like a midwife than a master

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Sara G demonstrates yin yoga pose square