Nick demonstrates yin yoga pose tying the knot model nick coram

Tying the Knot


Kari Kwinn demonstrating yin yoga pose tying the knot
Nick demonstrates tying the knot pose while amanda assists for the camera

Tying the Knot is a useful, if not often a favorite pose. Athletes with tight deltoids from swimming, climbing, or body building will often appreciate the opportunity to experience tension or stretching across the outside of the shoulders or between the shoulder blades.

Many students struggle to find an appropriate edge in this shape because of developed pectoral muscles, bust, or neck discomforts. In those instances, student might find a more appropriate edge by taking one arm at a time, or by changing the orientation to gravity and pressing against a wall, which can be done standing, kneeling, or seated.

This is a wonderful option for teachers looking to sequence based on upper body meridians, as Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Triple Warmer pass across the outer shoulder.

Students who have limited or no lower body mobility can incorporate this pose as a staple in their Yin practice.

[image text] If you are living at the edge of tolerable, Yin invites you to try a different edge 

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